Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan Black

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Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan, Black

Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan, Black


Are you looking for a powerful and compact fan to cool down large areas? Look no further! The Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan in Black is the perfect solution. With its sturdy and solid feel, this fan provides excellent cooling performance while being easy to use and transport.

Main Features

Compact Design

The Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan features a compact design that allows it to fit in any space. Whether you need to cool down your living room, bedroom, or office, this fan is the perfect choice.

Sturdy and Solid Feel

Unlike other fans that feel flimsy and fragile, the Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan has a sturdy and solid construction. You can feel the quality as soon as you touch it.

Large Surface Area Coverage

With its 20″ diameter, this fan provides a large surface area coverage. It can effectively cool down even the biggest rooms or outdoor spaces.

3 Speed Dial

The fan comes with a 3-speed dial, allowing you to easily adjust the airflow according to your needs. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a powerful gust of wind, this fan has got you covered.

180 Degrees Tilting Head

The Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan features a 180 degrees tilting head, allowing you to direct the airflow forwards or backwards. This feature ensures that the cool air reaches every corner of the room.

5 Blade Design

Equipped with a 5-blade design, this fan provides powerful and consistent airflow. Say goodbye to hot and stuffy rooms, and enjoy a refreshing breeze with the Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan.

Rear Carry Handle

Transporting this fan is a breeze, thanks to its rear carry handle. You can easily move it from one room to another or take it with you on outdoor adventures.


  • Colour: Black
  • Supply Voltage: 240V
  • Power Rating: 50hz- 90W
  • Diameter: 20″ (560mm)
  • Plug Type: UK (3-pin)
  • Power Lead Length: 180cm
  • External Height: 600mm
  • Dimensions: 600 x 580 x 267mm


Q: Is the fan noisy?

A: No, the Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment while staying cool.

Q: Can I use this fan outdoors?

A: Yes, this fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its compact design and sturdy construction make it perfect for any environment.

Q: How do I clean the fan?

A: Cleaning the Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan is easy. Simply remove the front grille and wipe it with a damp cloth. Make sure to unplug the fan before cleaning.


The Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan in Black is the ultimate cooling solution for large areas. With its compact design, sturdy construction, and powerful airflow, this fan will keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Don’t settle for less, choose the Cooltone Large 20″ Box Fan and experience the difference!