EUTOUR Mens Watch – A Minimalist Masterpiece

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EUTOUR Mens Watch – A Minimalist Masterpiece

EUTOUR Mens Watch – A Minimalist Masterpiece


The EUTOUR Mens Watch is a true masterpiece of minimalist design. With its unconventional and original features, this watch stands out from the crowd. The absence of traditional hour and minute hands is replaced by two magnetic beads, creating a unique and eye-catching display. The three-dimensional surface and adjustable watch strap add to its appeal, making it a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward individual.



  • Case: Unibody dial
  • Dial: Copper/Wood
  • Strap: Silicone/Leather/Stainless Steel


The EUTOUR Mens Watch is powered by a Swiss quartz movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping.


  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm


The watch is equipped with a Renata 371 button cell battery, providing long-lasting power.


No Hour and Minute Hand Design

The EUTOUR Mens Watch breaks away from traditional watch design by replacing hour and minute hands with two magnetic beads. The outer bearing represents the hour hand, while the inner bearing indicates the minutes. This innovative approach not only adds a touch of uniqueness but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the watch.

Three-Dimensional Surface

The newly designed case of the EUTOUR Mens Watch is made from high-strength, scratch-resistant material and features a PVD coating for extra durability. The three-dimensional surface adds depth and texture to the watch, making it a true work of art.

Adjustable Watch Strap

The EUTOUR Mens Watch comes with an adjustable strap that fits wrists with a circumference of 159-215 mm (6-8 inches). The 20 mm strap width ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

ATM Daily Water Resistant

The magnetic watch is designed to withstand short contact with water, making it suitable for everyday use. However, it is not suitable for immersion in water or for high-intensity sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the watch scratch-resistant?

Although the EUTOUR Mens Watch is made from durable materials, it is not completely scratch-resistant. We recommend taking care to avoid any potential scratches.

Can I wear the watch near magnetic fields?

No, it is advisable to avoid placing the watch near magnetic fields such as magnets, mobile phones, fridges, computers, etc. Magnetic fields may cause the watch to become inaccurate or temporarily stop working.


The EUTOUR Mens Watch is a true masterpiece of minimalist design. With its unique magnetic bead display, three-dimensional surface, and adjustable strap, it is a watch that stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a stylish accessory or a conversation starter, the EUTOUR Mens Watch is the perfect choice. Purchase with confidence knowing that it comes with a 12-month warranty and 90 days full support. Upgrade your style with the EUTOUR Mens Watch today!