HOMCHIC Round Elastic Tablecloth

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HOMCHIC Round Elastic Tablecloth

HOMCHIC Round Elastic Tablecloth

Are you tired of tablecloths that don’t fit your round tables properly? Look no further than the HOMCHIC Round Elastic Tablecloth. This innovative product is designed to provide a perfect fit for your tables, whether you’re using them indoors or outdoors.

Key Features

Perfect Fit

The elastic design of this tablecloth ensures that it fits snugly around your table, preventing any awkward overhang or bunching.

Easy to Clean

With a vinyl surface and flannel backing, this tablecloth is easy to wipe clean, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Stylish Design

The Blue Brown Medallion pattern adds a touch of elegance to your table, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.


  • Material: Vinyl with Flannel Backing
  • Color: Blue Brown Medallion
  • Size: Fits 40″ to 44″ Round Tables


Is this tablecloth suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, the vinyl surface and flannel backing make it perfect for outdoor use, and it can be easily wiped clean.

Can I use this tablecloth for formal events?

Absolutely! The stylish design makes it suitable for both casual and formal occasions.


The HOMCHIC Round Elastic Tablecloth is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a fitted patio table cover. Its easy-to-clean, stylish design and perfect fit make it a must-have for any household.