Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide

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Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide

Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide

“Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide” is a high-quality metal primer that offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion. It is specially formulated to be used on a variety of metal surfaces, including garden furniture, radiators, railings, and garage doors. With its unique rust-inhibiting properties, this primer ensures that your metals stay in top condition for years to come.

Paint Directly on to Rust

One of the standout features of Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide is its ability to be painted directly onto rusty surfaces. Unlike other primers, there is no need to remove all the rust before applying this primer. Simply brush away any loose, flaky paint or rust and apply the red oxide primer straight onto the metal. This saves you time and effort, while still providing a smooth and protective base.

Easy to Use

Using Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide is a breeze. The preparation process is simple – just brush away any loose paint or rust and apply the primer directly onto the metal. Minimal sanding is needed, making it a quick and hassle-free process. The primer has a quick-drying formula, allowing you to apply the topcoat after just 6 hours.

Use on Any Metal

Whether you want to revamp your old BBQ, give your radiators a fresh look, or protect your garden furniture from the elements, Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide is the perfect choice. It is suitable for use on both interior and exterior metals, making it versatile and convenient. Give your old metals an instant lift with this high-quality primer.

500ml Tin Covers up to 6m2

With a 500ml tin of Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide, you can cover up to 6m2 of metal surface. This is ideal for smaller projects such as a small gate or top rail of a balcony, or a couple of garden chairs. The primer provides excellent coverage, ensuring that your metals are well-protected.

Genuine Hammerite Paint

Hammerite is the first and only specialist metalcare brand, and it has been a global brand leader since its establishment in 1984. The unique formulation of Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide magically transforms rusty metal to look like new. Trust the brand that has been trusted by consumers for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide be used on other surfaces besides metal?
  • No, this primer is specifically designed for use on metal surfaces.

  • How long does it take for the primer to dry?
  • The primer has a quick-drying formula and is ready for the topcoat after just 6 hours.

  • Can I apply the primer directly onto rusty surfaces?
  • Yes, Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide can be applied directly onto rusty surfaces without the need to remove all the rust.


Hammerite Primer – Red Oxide is the ultimate solution for protecting and reviving your metal surfaces. With its rust-inhibiting properties and easy application process, this primer provides a smooth and protective base that lasts for years. Trust the genuine Hammerite brand to give your metals a new lease of life.