K2 Boys Raider Pro Inline Skate

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K2 Boys Raider Pro Inline Skate

While parents enjoy the great value for money from Raider Pro and Marlee Pro, the kids get a fantastic skate with high quality and strong performance. The combination of K2 original SoftBoot and K2 speed lacing system ensures a perfect fit. The skates are adjustable by up to five shoe sizes, so that a child can use them for longer than one season.

The Evolution of K2 Skates

In 1994, K2 revolutionised the skate industry by launching the first soft boot for inline skates. This patented K2 technology gave skaters the precision of a hard shell shoe in a more comfortable soft boot construction. With once, the inline sport became more pleasant, the Softboot technology changed inline skating forever. The original K2 SoftBoot technology has now developed to an industry standard and continues to distinguish K2 from the competition. After 25 years of manufacturing premium skates, K2 is a brand that has established itself as an industry leader and has a reputation against the status quo – to prove that experience matters. Always one step ahead, the K2 inline skates are among the popular models among athletes in the leisure segment, but also in the professional sector. K2 has existed since 1961 and can therefore rely on valuable experience. The reasons for success are the consistently high quality of products and on the other hand, the company managed to produce unique skates with innovative details.

About this item

  • Speed Lacing: Secures skates with one pull making it easy to put on and take off
  • VO2 Cuff: Lightweight supportive cuff for bigger wheels and higher speeds
  • VO2 S Frame: Single Sided extruded & machined 6061 aluminum frames for bigger wheel XT skates responsive, fast and vibration absorbing
  • Vortech Ventilation System: Keeps feet cool and dry
  • High Performance Wheels: 90mm wheels and ILQ 9 are great for safe speed with the right amount of spin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these skates suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the K2 Boys Raider Pro Inline Skate is suitable for skaters of all levels, including beginners.

Q: Can the size of the skates be adjusted?

A: Yes, these skates are adjustable by up to five shoe sizes, allowing for extended use.


The K2 Boys Raider Pro Inline Skate offers high quality, performance, and value for money. With innovative technology and a reputation for excellence, K2 continues to lead the way in the skate industry.