Kiwi Grip Non-Skid Deck System

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Kiwi Grip Non-Skid Deck System

Are you tired of slippery decks and the hassle of constantly reapplying non-skid coatings? Look no further than Kiwi Grip Non-Skid Deck System. This revolutionary product provides a durable, non-skid coating that is easy to apply and offers a high traction surface, making it perfect for pleasure boats and work boats alike.

Features of Kiwi Grip

No Fillers

KiwiGrip does not contain any fillers such as sand, rubber flecks, or shells. This means that the texture is applied via the KiwiGrip roller, providing a consistent and long-lasting finish.

One-Part System

With KiwiGrip, you can apply the coating in a single coat on most surfaces, saving you time and effort. This lowers the finished cost of non-skid application, ultimately saving you money.

Environmentally Friendly

KiwiGrip is a water-based acrylic, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your non-skid coating needs.

Customizable Colors

While KiwiGrip is available in five beautiful stock colors, it can also be easily tinted to custom pastel colors, allowing you to personalize the look of your deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is KiwiGrip applied?

KiwiGrip is applied using the included proprietary roller, which allows for quick and easy application. By varying the application technique, you can adjust the texture to suit your preferences.

Is KiwiGrip suitable for all types of boats?

Yes, KiwiGrip is suitable for both pleasure boats and work boats. The texture can be adjusted to provide a rolled “pleasure boat” texture or an industrial aggressive “work boat” texture.


With its easy application, durable finish, and customizable colors, KiwiGrip is the perfect solution for all your non-skid deck needs. Say goodbye to slippery decks and constant reapplications, and say hello to a beautiful, high traction surface that will last for years to come.