L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack

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L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack

L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack

Defying wind and weather: The new outdoor children’s backpack from the L脛SSIG Adventure collection is water-repellent and suitable for outings, hiking or as a companion for the forest kindergarten. The compact model with a capacity of 9 litres offers many great extras for outdoor enthusiasts: an integrated rain cover with fastening, a thermo-insulated seat pad as well as elastic loops and adjustable loops outside for jacket or outdoor equipment. In addition, the children’s backpack has a name tag, carabineers and reflectors. The chest strap, the padded back section and the height-adjustable and padded shoulder straps ensure a good and comfortable fit for the children’s backpack. At the same time, the backpack is particularly light and robust.


Water-Repellent and Durable

The L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack is designed to withstand wind and weather. Its water-repellent material ensures that your child’s belongings stay dry even in rainy conditions. The backpack is also made from robust 100% recycled polyester, making it durable and long-lasting.

Integrated Rain Cover

Never worry about getting caught in the rain again. The backpack comes with an integrated rain cover that can be easily fastened to keep your child’s belongings dry and protected.

Thermo-Insulated Seat Pad

Take a break and sit comfortably anywhere with the thermo-insulated seat pad included in the backpack. It provides insulation and cushioning, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Adjustable Loops and Elastic Loops

The backpack features adjustable loops and elastic loops on the outside, allowing you to attach jackets or other outdoor equipment easily. This provides convenience and accessibility during outdoor activities.

Name Tag, Carabineers, and Reflectors

Keep track of your child’s backpack with the included name tag. The carabineers and reflectors also ensure visibility and safety during outdoor adventures.

Spacious and Organized

The backpack has a large main compartment and a clearly arranged interior, making it easy to keep things tidy. There is also a compartment in the lid specifically designed for the integrated rain cover, ensuring easy access even in rainy weather. Additionally, there is a side outer pocket with elastic for a water bottle and a side zipper pocket for quick access to essentials.


The L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack is not only functional but also sustainable. The outer material of the backpack is made from 100% recycled polyester (Reprove), which is derived from used and recycled PET bottles. By choosing this backpack, you are making an eco-friendly choice.

Available Sizes and Colors

The backpack is available in two sizes, 14 and 9 litres, providing options for different needs. It comes in pink and blue, allowing your child to choose their favorite color.


The L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack is the perfect companion for young adventurers. With its water-repellent and durable design, integrated rain cover, thermo-insulated seat pad, and adjustable loops, this backpack offers both functionality and convenience. The comfortable fit provided by the chest strap, padded back section, and height-adjustable shoulder straps ensures that your child can enjoy their outdoor activities without any discomfort. Additionally, the backpack’s sustainability aspect, with its use of recycled materials, makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Choose the L脛SSIG Adventure Outdoor Kids Hiking Backpack for your child’s next outdoor adventure!