Petex 25310 Rubber Mats Set of 4

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Petex 25310 Rubber Mats, Set of 4

Petex 25310 Rubber Mats, Set of 4

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your car’s interior? Do you want to protect your car’s flooring from dirt, mud, and wear? Look no further than the Petex 25310 Rubber Mats, Set of 4. These high-quality mats are designed to provide maximum protection and style for your vehicle.

Durable and Stylish

The Petex 25310 Rubber Mats are made from premium quality rubber that is built to last. They are designed to withstand heavy use and are resistant to wear and tear. Whether you have a sedan, SUV, or truck, these mats are the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Not only are these mats durable, but they are also stylish. With their sleek design and black color, they seamlessly blend in with any car interior. You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality with the Petex 25310 Rubber Mats.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning these mats is a breeze. Simply remove them from your car, shake off any dirt or debris, and rinse them with water. The rubber material is waterproof, making it easy to wipe away any spills or stains. Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and cleaning your car’s interior.

Perfect Fit

The Petex 25310 Rubber Mats are custom-made to fit your car’s specific make and model. They have precision-cut edges that ensure a perfect fit and maximum coverage. These mats will stay in place and won’t slide around, providing you with a safe and comfortable driving experience.

  1. Are these mats suitable for all weather conditions?
  2. Yes, the Petex 25310 Rubber Mats are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or mud, these mats will keep your car’s interior clean and protected.

  3. Can I use these mats in my truck?
  4. Absolutely! These mats are suitable for all types of vehicles, including trucks. They are designed to fit a wide range of makes and models.

  5. Do these mats have an odor?
  6. No, the Petex 25310 Rubber Mats are odorless. They are made from high-quality rubber that is free from any unpleasant smells.


The Petex 25310 Rubber Mats, Set of 4, are the perfect solution for protecting your car’s interior from dirt, mud, and wear. With their durability, style, and easy cleaning, these mats are a must-have for any car owner. Invest in the Petex 25310 Rubber Mats and enjoy a clean and stylish car interior for years to come.