RXDOLL17: Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls

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RXDOLL17: Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls

RXDOLL17: Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls

Are you looking for a lifelike and realistic baby doll? Look no further than RXDOLL17’s Elijah, a hand-made silicone baby doll that is perfect for children and collectors alike.

Features of RXDOLL17 Elijah

Realistic Appearance

The RXDOLL17 Elijah baby doll has been meticulously crafted to look and feel like a real baby. From the delicate features to the soft silicone skin, every detail has been carefully designed to create a lifelike appearance.

Hand-Made Quality

Each RXDOLL17 baby doll is hand-made with precision and care. The craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that every doll is of the highest quality, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

Soft and Huggable

The soft silicone material used to create RXDOLL17 Elijah makes him incredibly huggable and comforting. Children will love to hold and cuddle with this realistic baby doll.

Perfect Gift for Children and Collectors

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a child or adding to your own collection, RXDOLL17 Elijah is the perfect choice. His realistic appearance and hand-made quality make him a unique and cherished item for anyone who loves lifelike baby dolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RXDOLL17 Elijah suitable for young children?

Yes, RXDOLL17 Elijah is designed to be safe and suitable for children ages 3 and up. However, adult supervision is recommended during play.

Can RXDOLL17 Elijah be posed?

Yes, the flexible joints of RXDOLL17 Elijah allow for gentle posing, adding to his realistic appeal.


With its lifelike appearance, hand-made quality, and soft silicone material, RXDOLL17 Elijah is the perfect choice for anyone in search of a realistic baby doll. Whether it’s for a child to play with or a collector to display, this baby doll is sure to bring joy and delight to all who encounter him.