Simmer Stone Stackable File Tray 3-Tier Paper Trays Plus Magazine Holder

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Simmer Stone Stackable File Tray, 3-Tier Paper Trays Plus Magazine Holder

Simmer Stone Stackable File Tray, 3-Tier Paper Trays Plus Magazine Holder

Are you tired of the clutter on your desk? Do you struggle to find important papers and documents when you need them? The Simmer Stone Stackable File Tray is here to solve all your organizational problems. With its chic design and practical utility, this desk organizer is a must-have for anyone looking to bring order to their workspace.

Creative & Utility

The Simmer Stone Stackable File Tray features 3 stackable file trays to horizontally classify large papers like documents, folders, magazines, and books. On top of that, it also includes a 6-section magazine holder to vertically sort both small and larger papers for fast access. This dual classification system makes it easy to keep all your papers organized and within reach.

Pretty Look

The chic gold wire body and irregular geometric top design of this file organizer shelf will match perfectly with other office supplies, adding a modern accent to your workspace. Not only does it keep your desk organized, but it also adds a touch of style to your office environment.

Plated Construction

Made of premium plated metal, this desk sorter tray looks much glossier and trendier than mesh ones, sturdier than plastic ones, and easier to clean than wood ones. It’s a brand new and enjoyable way to organize your papers and magazines.

Dual Using Ways

The Simmer Stone Stackable File Tray can be used as a whole to store tons of papers without taking up much desk space. Alternatively, you can separate it to get a “Stackable File Tray” and a “Magazine Holder Rack,” allowing you to add more layers to the file tray as needed.

Versatile for All

Easy to assemble and separate, this desk paper storage is a reliable solution for anyone to use at home, in a dorm, classroom, or office. Say goodbye to desk clutter, clear your mind, and speed up your work tempo with this versatile organizer.

  • Package Content: 3 x Stackable Tray + 1 Upper Magazine Holder
  • Any problem, please contact us first. We’ll handle it as you want, like a free replacement. No questions asked.

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