U2CUTE Baby Crib Cradle JHULA! Titanic Baby Hanging Swing Cradle Mosquito Net & Spring (Blue)

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U2CUTE Baby Crib Cradle, JHULA! Titanic Baby Hanging Swing Cradle Mosquito Net & Spring (Blue)

U2CUTE Baby Crib Cradle, JHULA! Titanic Baby Hanging Swing Cradle Mosquito Net & Spring (Blue)

U2CUTE manufactured by An-Nafi Enterprises Since 1998 U2CUTE 鈭?Discover the world together! U2CUTE is a brand that meets the needs of every parent! Our products are mobile, smart and easy. In fact they accompany parents and their children allowing them to enjoy their each day spent together 鈭?always and everywhere. While offering products with the best features, we keep providing them with unique solutions, and strive to maintain their availability and attractive prices. As a result of parents’ love and care for their babies, U2CUTE was designed with baby safety and comfort in mind.

For Your First Baby Cradle, U2CUTE Offers A Fusion With Modern Design Equipped With Mosquito Net

The cradle has been carefully designed with comfort and safety in mind. In the cradle, a soft cushion bed provides warmth and comfort for your baby. The cradle comes with a hand-stitched mosquito net that is see-through, high-quality, and custom-made to fit the cradle. Your baby can breathe comfortably all the time because of the netted texture. It protects your child from mosquito and bug bites with this new feature.

Convenient & Portable

With a durable frame, U2CUTE’s cradle is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be placed anywhere with sturdy suspension – baby nursery, living room, bedroom, basement, spare room, patio, backyard, and more indoor outdoor places. It is a travel-friendly set that is soft and nurturing, making it easily transportable.

Day and Night Sleep

The cradle is not just for a nap during the day but designed for day and night sleep. You can suspend your baby cradle indoors next to your bed at night and also in your living room or outdoors during the day. Your baby can sleep day and night in the cradle until the age of about 0 to 12 months or the weight of about 15 Kg.

Machine Washable

The cradle is detachable and easy to care for. It is machine washable, quick drying, and has no peculiar smell. It is hypo-allergenic and of high quality, ensuring the comfort and safety of your baby.

Package Includes:

  • Hanging Cradle
  • Spring Set

The product requires easy self-assembling.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Priority

At U2CUTE, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide trustworthy shopping experiences. Our baby crib cradle is the perfect gift for baby showers. Get yours today and discover the world together with U2CUTE!