Westpoint 268 Litres Single Door White Showcase Chiller

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Westpoint 268 Litres Single Door White Showcase Chiller

Westpoint 268 Litres Single Door White Showcase Chiller

There’s always a place for fresh and frozen favorites inside with Westpoint showcase chiller. Finding food is easy thanks to energy-efficient and tropicalized compressor, with temperature controls help you store more, so there will always be room for what you want, where you want it. Capacity of 280 litres, lock, 4 shelves, adjustable front feet and interior light.


Smart Storage

With 4 shelves, you can now organize your beverages comfortably, giving easy access to all the items. It has optimum storage and easy accessibility, which every user needs.

Versatile Use

This Chiller is of a size and capacity suitable for household or commercial use. Its high performance can suit the needs and requirements of any cooling purpose.

Temperature Control

This allows you to adjust the internal temperature manually, to keep stored beverages freshness last longer at an optimum temperature.

Manual Defrost Function

It helps you control the ice buildup in the compartment.

Security Lock

This space-saving Chiller has a lock option, allowing you to securely store drinks and snacks wherever it fits in your home or office or shop.

Space-Saving Design

It features a compact size (1805X575X600mm), so now utilize the floor space in a better way with this Showcase Chiller.

Tempered Glass Double Door

Clear visibility and attractive display of products through the double reflective glass doors. It enables timeless and functional display solutions that feature high-quality product presentations.

4 Wired Shelves

It features wire shelves that are designed to safely hold the hefty weight of the drinks and won’t break under the pressure.

LED Top Canopy and Light

The edibles are much easier to find inside the fridge with the safe and power-efficient Bright Lamp.

Direct Shelf Cooling

Cooling from each shelf offers faster and better cooling performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this chiller be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, the Westpoint 268 Litres Single Door White Showcase Chiller is suitable for both household and commercial use.

2. Does it come with a lock?

Yes, this chiller has a security lock option for securely storing drinks and snacks.

3. How many shelves does it have?

This chiller comes with 4 wired shelves for organizing your beverages.


The Westpoint 268 Litres Single Door White Showcase Chiller is a versatile and space-saving solution for storing and displaying your beverages. With smart storage, temperature control, and a compact design, this chiller offers convenience and efficiency. Whether for household or commercial use, this chiller is the perfect choice for keeping your drinks fresh and easily accessible.